Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthdays, an Anniversary, and Samhain

Sunrise October 1, 2012
It was like the sun knew it was B's birthday and wanted to look extra pretty for her!  We all chipped in for a fantastic tattoo for her.  As soon as it heals all the way, we'll post pictures.  Happy Birthday baby, love ya!

It was also Sharon's birthday that day! 
Happiest of Happys Alterno-momma! Mucho love!

Just a few days later, Poppa had his birthday! 
Here he is with his awesome chocolate cake with avocado frosting. 
Sounds weird, I know, but SO tasty!!
Love you Poppa!
2012 Pride Parade

Over at Happy Hippie Heart we celebrated our 2nd anniversary.
A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read our blog! 

Semi-decent picture taken by me!

Well, there it is.  Changing trees. 
Proof that autumn, has indeed, arrived. 
Today is rainy and cold and I am starting to love it!!
Yes I ache, but the beauty of fall is worth it.
I wish one of us had a camera handy yesterday.
A shower of leaves danced in the wind
before coming to rest on the street.
I have no words to describe the peace that my soul felt.

It's almost time for Samhain. 
The end of the old year. 
Time for reflection.
I get very introspective around this time of year.
It's time to take stock.
What have I done? 
What can I do better?
Have I lived my life to the betterment of others?

Have you?

That is all.