Monday, September 19, 2011


Becca and I take turns doing Happy Hippie Heart.  Yesterday was my turn and I posted a picture of three of our kids reading and a quote about reading and TV.  I get this phone call from Becca who is cracking up.  She just finished telling her husband and kids that when the movie was over, the TV was going off for the day and they could use their imaginations.  She sat down, checked to see if I had the blog done, and there we were, in each others heads again. 

I do this with my close friends, we can't help it.  We end up sharing brains.  Sometimes I feel bad for them, other times I think "Ha!  That's what you get for being friends with me!"

See, no good deed goes unpunished after all.  To see the amazing mind linked post you can click here

Have an awesome week!  Remember that you choose your path, you choose your reactions, and nobody can make you feel bad unless you let them!

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