Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making Sense of the Noise

The last week has been a series of moments that I feel so mixed about.  I am in this place in my brain, which I wish would just shut up sometimes by the way, that is like sitting in a really comfortable chair in a room where you know there is something very dangerous but you don't know what it is.  You want to relax but you can't quite bring yourself to do it.  It's like knowing, as soon as you relax, BAM!  Usually, I can just relax in that chair and take things as they come but right now, not so much.  I've been thinking about life, love, loyalty, pride, prejudice, pain, selfishness, selflessness, loneliness, and breaking points.  I'm running around in mental circles until I'm dizzy.  So time marches on and I march with it; hoping I can make sense of the noise.  It's like it's waiting for me to figure it out.  Until I do, I'll be the me that I am, doing the things that I do, becoming ever better, and finding the peace in my heart.

"At night when the stars light up my room.
I sit by myself talking to the Moon.
Trying to get to you, In hopes you're on the other side, talking to me too.
Or am I a fool who sits alone, talking to the moon"
Bruno Mars ~ Talking To The Moon

That is all.


  1. I have bipolar disorder so hear this :) Thanks for stopping by WordsinSync today. Hope you get a little peace real soon X

  2. Thanks for following me...and the comment! It is pretty early on a Sunday morning so it is too soon in the day for me to be "Witty"....but I am following you now!

  3. Hey mama hope you are doing OK sounds like you need a big cyber hug I am sending one over to you right now.