Tuesday, November 8, 2011

American Idiot

I do the pick up for my daughter and her two best friends for dance, which works because I can spend time with them on the drive home and find out how they are doing.  Last night, I pulled in to the parking lot, parked, and turned off my car.  It was 5:10pm and getting dark.  There were about 15 other people in their cars waiting for their kids.  I turned on my overhead light, pulled out my Kindle, and started reading.  After about 5 minutes, I turned off my Kindle and light.  I started to look around.  I started to listen.  I started to get mad which did have the bonus of keeping me warmer than I was.  15 other cars sitting and waiting for their young occupants.  13 of them with engines running, headlights on, and (I'm sure) heaters running.  What the fuck?  We're not talking about 2 minutes and the kids are running out to jump in either (although, they shouldn't even be idling that long).  We are talking about 10 to 20 minutes of idling.  10 to 20 minutes of wasting fuel.  Fuel made of oil.  Oil that keeps us in the middle of a selfish war.  10 to 20 minutes of heating the earth up just that much more.  10 to 20 minutes of pointless consumption for the sake of convenience.  Goddess forbid we should put on a fucking jacket and gloves to stay warm.  I'm not sure what stopped me from getting out of my car, knocking on each window, and explaining to these disgusting and lazy people just what the consequences of their actions are.  I think it was the fact that they probably don't care.  I'd say they probably didn't know, but unless you are a complete idiot, you have heard about the evils of idling.  Unless you're a completely self centered, clueless......oh wait!  I have a song for you!

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