Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello Saturday

Thank you for the V day gift B!  I Love it!  It makes my van snazzy.

I've written and rewritten this like seven times now.  
Long story made short:  This week SUCKED!

I usually can move past feeling fatalistic and shitastical by focusing on the positives.
If that doesn't work, I look at people who are truly worse off than I am.
If that doesn't work; well, that usually works.

Guess what!  It's not working.
I feel like a piece of crap.
I've now decided that for today, I am going to just feel this way.  I am not going to try to make myself feel better.  I'm going to go to Shanny's choir concert, Kim will have her sleepover here with Sarah, and I will make spaghetti.  I will clean, I will fold, I will do schoolwork.

Touche world!  You win today.
Tomorrow, however, you can suck it because I'll be back with a vengeance.  

That is all.


  1. Sometimes it can be cathartic to just give in for a day.

    Cranky Old Man

  2. You just got to let yourself feel whatever it is, usually it's because somethings not right in our world. You'll figure it out!