Friday, November 23, 2012

Twas 4am On Black Friday

Twas 4am on Black Friday, and all through the house
The alarm clocks were buzzing, people starting to grouse.
Blankets thrown off without even a care,
We got up and shuffled on, with a zombie like stare.

My child was nestled all snug in her bed.
She’s grumpy that early, I don’t want bloodshed
Beth in her hoodie and I in fuzzy socks
Had our hearts set on fleece pjs and on my black crocs.

When in my kitchen there arose such a clatter,
“You’re making a smoothie?  What is the matter?”
To the kitchen I waddled kind of slow like a duck,
“Are you crazy, are you serious, what the fuck?”

The moon outside was hiding behind clouds,
We were inside preparing for crowds.
When, what to my wondering ears should sound,
A text telling me it’s time that we were store bound.

Now Becca, now Susan, now Bethie, and Tim,
We’re off to Fred Meyer, where to begin?
Electronics, Housewares, Toys, or Apparel?
I began to think “These people have gone feral”.

Their eyes did not twinkle, no dimples so merry,
Their cheeks flushed like winos, their faces were scary.
We plastered on smiles, we’d make someone happy,
And if not, we’ve got Becca who’s really quite scrappy.

We made it through without a single harsh word,
I’m so very proud that I didn’t get flustered.
Straight out to the car we did hustle,
Carrying that stuff took some serious muscle.

With Beth off to work, three of us crawled inside
Another Black Friday down and nobody cried.
I opened the window and out of the car I did lean,
"See you all later, we’re off to Cool Beans"

My rhyming leaves something to be desired, but it was a great morning!  
I hope everyone had a safe and happy day today.
That is all.


  1. LOL I love the poem! I went out on BF too, not with the family though...they stay home and sleep and Mom goes out to get a few deals. It was great...except for the stomach flu that plagued me a few hours later.

    1. Bad flu on BF! :( Glad you were able to go out though. :) Thanks for reading :)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm certainly <3
      Thanks much :)