Monday, December 31, 2012

I Love You Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Be safe and well today.
My love is with you during your procedure today, 
as it always is.

I tried to find a good quote that said all that I want to say.
I couldn't find one because they all weren't good enough.

Thank you for showing me to be a good person.
Thank you for loving me even when I falter.
Thank you for knowing when I need to hear "I love you".

I may have my own little girl, but I will always be your little girl.

I love you Daddy!


  1. How are things going a day later?

    1. He's doing really well Morgan. :) No stint and he slept off the effects of the drugs. He's at home, sassy, and doing great!

      Thank you :) Love ya!