Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Although this is not a picture of my dog, it might as well be!

She has decided that she is a part time guard dog.  By part-time, I mean that she barks when she wants to! 
She's great though!  We adopted her at the end of November from the Whatcom Humane Society.
She is a 3 year old short hair chihuahua and is absolutely magnificent.

She is sweet, loving, nervous, needy, and such a delight.
This is her and I today while Kevin made his first juice (more on that soon).
Isn't she pretty?

Check out your local shelter, save a life, and make your family even better!

That is all.


  1. awww she adorbs & what a great name! as soon as we move we are adopting a pet -- probably a kitty as that is why skylar wants most!


    1. Thanks!! It was my mom's name which was definitely a sign that she was ours! The feeling of having this amazing companion and knowing that we also saved a life was fabulous. She really helped me get through the holidays!