Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Moving

Today is Day 3 of 90 KickAss Days.

Yesterday I walked for 26 minutes 
(5 minutes more than Wednesday which made me happy)!  
Yes, I still wussed out and walked around and around my garage because it's in the 20's here and it's really dark where I live and I'm scared of monsters.....

Today I worked out with Becca on the Wii.  
Phew.  I kept up for almost all of it.  
There were two exercises I couldn't do very well but I walked in place during them and during the cool down.  
I am really proud of myself.

Reasons I love working out with my skinny friends:
They inspire me
They don't mock me
They encourage me through the whole workout
They praise me when I'm done

Okay, I'm sure that my fat friends would totally do all those things as well 
but I didn't work out with them today, so there.
Plus, there's only room for one fat chick making jokes during a workout. 

So, you can head over to Twitter and join us using the hashtag #90kickassdays if you want!
I feel really accomplished working out these last three days.
Hope you join us or at least get moving!

That is all.


  1. Wow! You are really inspiring me to get up off my butt and start to tackle this baby weight I have to lose.

  2. KICK ass baby glad you are rocking it!Woot Woot

  3. Good for you! Keep up the good work--you're going to thank yourself later when you see the results!