Monday, February 11, 2013


So, I thought I'd be upbeat today.
What's more upbeat than Birthday Cakes?
Here are some cakes that Beth and I have made over the years.

 Sean's 5th grade graduation cake. 
 It looks more like a guy in his nightshirt and cap but he liked it and it was fun.  
I need to work on my people. :)

This was for Sarah's(I believe) 9th birthday.  It weighed 15 pounds and looked awesome.  It is supposed to be a castle but we can also go with Smurf houses! :)

One of my favorites to make was Sarah's 10th birthday cake.  She wanted a square foot garden and that is what she got.  Becca had the great idea of using crushed Oreos for the "soil".  Awesome.

This was for Kaitlyn's 4th birthday and it was a lot of fun to make!
This was for Kim's 10th birthday and was challenging.  
I don't work in fondant, so trying to get the skirt as smooth as possible was interesting.  
It looked great though at the end of it. 

Super Roller Chick Kim's 11th birthday cake.

Let's try not to laugh at my attempt at a sock monkey cake.
First time we worked with modeling chocolate and it was FUN!

Kim's 12th birthday looked awesome except for being lopsided and tasting really bad! lol  
Note for future: Test new cake recipes BEFORE making the actual birthday cake.

So, those are some of the cakes we've made through the years.  
Hope it made you smile!

That is all.


  1. These look good....Thought on doing some side business with it? You never know

    1. I've done a few here and there but I have a long way to go to charge for cakes! Thanks :) My sister and I have fun. She bakes and I decorate. :)

  2. You are making me hungry.... these look amazing!

    1. Thank you. You should go have a piece of cake now! Have one for me too! :)