Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I love the holidays and I dislike the holidays.  I think that is pretty common for most people. 
I love the holidays because for many people, this is when they are thinking of others.  They go out of their way to be kind, to help others, and to give generously of their excess to those without.  I dislike the holidays because that should be a year round feeling.  You shouldn't wait until December to think of your fellow man.  Even if all you do is smile at five people a day, you have done something positive to help others.  December is a great time to give to Food Banks, but have you thought of July?  It's hot out and the kids are out of school.  There's not a lot of extra time.  So many people feel that way that Food Banks get desperate come summer time.  The good feelings of December are so far away so who really worries about it?  Homeless shelters serve people year round but they don't get a lot of attention in April.  By April you've transitioned to your spring clothes, shoved most of the winter clothes away until it gets cold again.  You're heaters are already off or about to be turned off.  You're starting to look at refreshing dinners instead of hearty dinners.  The people sleeping outside or in a shelter are still cold.  They are still hungry.

I love the holidays because they are full of people giving.  I dislike the holidays because they are full of greed.  Including mine.  Who doesn't like new shiny pretty stuff?  I sure do.  If it's got buttons and knobs and looks gadgety (totally a word people!) then I'm all for it.  I try not to get caught up in the wanting and the shopping but I can't help myself.  Then January comes around and we've got all this extra stuff that we don't need and really didn't want as badly as we thought we did.  Every year, I tell myself that we don't need to do this and every year, guilty.  As my daughter is getting older, I'm thinking of putting a one gift limit on the grandparents and then asking them to contribute to one of the shelters in the area in the spirit of life.  I'd like to turn to homemade gifts for the family and spend the rest of the money that I would have spent on useless stuff, on things that could help other human beings.

Am I the only one disgusted with our consumerism?  Our greed?  Our need of excess?

I know, enough preachy.  Who wants to be brought down, it's December.

On a good note, my daughter bought her best friend a holiday present that she knew she would love.  Today, in the car, she said "Mom, I'm so excited for Yuleakamas (Yule/Chanukah/Christmas; being in my family is confusing)."  I was scared to ask why, but I did.  "I can't wait to see Sarah's face when she opens her gift because she is going to be so happy".

These are the moments people.  The ones that make us proud.  The ones that bring a tear to the eye and joy to our hearts.  Knowing that we've done something right to bring these amazing people into the world.  Knowing that they will better the things that we have screwed up.

I think I love December after all.

That is all.


  1. i think everyone has mixed feelings about the holidays -- we love the meaning & what it SHOULD be about -- but somehow the family drama, lack of time, pressure, hustle, bustle, & ridiculous greedy commericalized aspects of it can take away from that.
    all we can do is grasp on to those rare amazing moments (like the one with your daughter) for dear life & pray the new year gets here fast! heh!

  2. I understand where you're coming from. Me, I decided that if people are gonna be nice to each other only one month a year, then I'm gonna drink it up and get my fill until the next year rolls around. Kinda like the non-profits do. :)