Monday, January 9, 2012

Day One of Reboot

Here it is, day one.  This whole last week was interesting but a lot of it was anxiety about doing this.  Self doubts and negative thinking went along with some of it.  The rest was excitement because I know I will be feeling better.

Got up this morning, had orange juice because I had to go to the store.  Becca picked me up and we went to the Market.  GREAT produce their but a little spendy on some of it.  Hit up Trader Joes for the rest.  Yay for Becca helping me!  Thanks love!

Definitely getting a different juicer as this one has a very small chute.  It can't even take a full carrot.  No worries.  I made up my own juice for lunch.  Now, why I thought I would just throw together some stuff and it would work out (have you seen me cook?) and taste great is beyond me.  It tastes okay.  Needs some more apple and mint but I think it can be saved for the next time.  I read on the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead facebook page a good rule of thumb for those nervous about getting started.  1 part leafy green.  1 part vegetable you don't particularly like.  1 part vegetable you like or tolerate.  1 part enough fruit to cover the taste of the vegetables! lol  I love it. 

I'll keep you all updated.  There will be ups and downs but I'll tell you what's what. 
Peace and Love.

That is all.


  1. Keep it up mama. It is tough but you can do it :0)

  2. get started is the hardest part -- you can do it!

    i MUST see this movie!
    i tried juicers in the past & had the worst luck with them... now i do blender smoothies all the way!