Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day Three of Reboot

Well, I don't feel quite like dying anymore. In fact, last night, for about two hours, I felt fantastic.  Like I haven't felt in years.  However, this morning not so much.  I'm a little scared as Becca came over to drop off Kimbo's lunch and apparently someone has attached a faucet to her ass.  Like, every 15 minutes she's in the bathroom.  I'm scared because she's little.  I'm not.  If this is a proportionate response, somebody call Roto Rooter folks.  Yep, I told you, honesty.  Will I ever do this again?  Ask me after it's over.  Right now I'd tell you no and probably maim you for a salad.  On the bonus, down 13.6 pounds since Monday morning.  I know this gets better but right now it feels like it never will.  It's like having the flu.  You feel like you're going to die, then you feel like it's never going away, and then one magical day; you feel better.  

Here's to waiting for the magical day. 
Peace.....and ....  damnit, all I can think of is a salad....

That is all.

Oops, no it's not.  I walked with Morgan last night even though I felt like hell.  Yay me and Yay Morgan!

That is all.
For Sure.

I'm a liar. LOL  There is more.  Would I do this again?  Yes.  I was taking stock of my body this morning and reflecting on yesterday.  I hurt less.  Way less.  I still hurt like crazy but it's definitely less.  I slept for two hours straight last night (a small miracle) and I didn't wake up crying from the pain.  To give you some sleep background:  I sleep between four to five hours a night.  It's not all at once.  I get up at least once or twice an hour and I'm constantly moving even when I'm asleep (or so I'm told) because my pain level is so high.  A lot of people think four to five hours is a lot.  Some days, just getting out of bed makes me feel like I won a battle.  It's hard to move this body around all day, every day and not just stay in bed.  I do it because I have to.  I can't be that person laying in bed on Maury crying "I just couldn't get out of bed one day".  Nothing against those people but that won't be me.  So, if nothing else, to lessen my pain, yes I'll do this again.  I plan on keeping juicing as a part of my life even when I start easing back into real food again.  The energy you get from juicing is really cool, even when you feel horrid at first. 

Okay, I've rambled enough.  Enjoy your day and stay as awesome as you are. 
That really is all.

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