Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Sorry Nana

Oops, no update in a few days!  I'm sorry Nana.  Just for you, this post will contain no foul language.  It's because I love you bunches of oats. :)

Today is Day 9 of the Reboot.  Unfortunately it will be my last day.  I woke up with a brutal sinus infection today so I will be starting antibiotics tomorrow.  This means that I have to have at least some solid fruits and vegetables in my stomach.  

Since Monday the 9th, I have drank the most amazing and wonderful combination of juices.  Plus two really gross juices that we won't talk about.  Experimentation must be done with care and in small doses!  I have far more energy and (with the exception of my sinus infection) feel fantastic.  I have lost 32 pounds as of this morning.  Only 298 left to go folks!  My pain level is less and for that reason alone (as I've said before) I will be juicing for the rest of my life.  Micronutrients are a wonderful thing!

I will NEVER look like this again!
I will start integrating fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet after my dinner juice tonight.  I'm trying something yummy that Becca is making me with golden beets in it.  I'm pretty excited.  :) 

The word of the week here in my county is Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow.....freakin' SNOW!  So, before it got bad, I packed up all the fruits and veggies (and some food for my lovely child) and our stuff and came to Becca's.  If I'm going to be stranded, it's going to be here in Jonestown; where the Kool Aid is optional.
10 more inches due by tomorrow night!  BRRRR!

This journey that I am on is amazing.  I have learned so much about food, nutrition, and am (for the first time in my life) changing my relationship with food.  I still love food but not in the quantity and definitely in a better quality than before.  I have lost weight before using many ways.  The best is Weight Watchers.  Their program is fantastic and I encourage people to use it.  There are some cases, I am one, where all of their training is in my brain but no matter how much I knew, wasn't able to change my relationship with food. 

I became a vegetarian a year ago with watching Food, Inc. and finding out where the meat that I was eating came from.  Since then, I have devoured (not always enthusiastically and sometimes with downright despair) knowledge of food.  I am in no way close to being done (re: 298 pounds left) but I feel like I have a solid footing.  I feel like I can save my life with a little help from my friends.  To Susy, for being willing to take on the financial burden to help me change my life (even though it looks like I won't be getting surgery); to Morgan for encouraging me to move my rear end and being with me while I do it; and to Becca for teaching me, learning with me, cooking with and for me, and for being the one I call in tears when I'm feeling hopeless: I thank you.  From the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you!  Without you three fabulous women, I'd be picking out my burial shroud at the far too young age of 36.  It sounds dramatic but it was only a matter of time before my body realized that it couldn't handle anymore of what I was doing to it.

Thank you to those of you who read my words and laugh, cry, and encourage me to write more. 

Peace, love, and a long healthy life,

That is all.


  1. Lovely post Susan. It is awesome that you have lost 32 pounds already you rock keep up the good work.

  2. you are simply amazing & such an inspiration!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, do I ever LOVE this post. Love you!

    But, I'm afraid that I'm not gonna make it for walkies tomorrow, either. Taking the bus has turned my 8-5 into 7:10-6. Blech.